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it’s a weird thing to think about how many people you’re “friends” with on facebook….especially when, if you ever meet most of them in real life, both of you will be praying that the other doesn’t come and hi because that might make for an awkward meeting. i mean what do you say to someone you’ve met after an immensely long time and you’re not really…speaking anymore?

it’s sort of like meeting a stranger for the first time….except that stranger is just someone you have creeped on facebook beforehand to find out vague details about their life’s past….

IN ANY CASE, this actually makes for a fun activity for me when i scroll through my facebook newsfeed. every time i see pictures on facebook, i try and figure out which person in those pictures is MY “friend”. this works best when you stumble upon a picture that someone else (third person - not your friend) posts of someone who is on your facebook list. 

anyway, if you’re ever bored and scrolling through facebook, may as well make it a game for yourself…see if you still recognize all of your facebook “Friends”. haha

also note, the game doesn’t work if you read the whole “[name of person] was tagged in a [name of person]’s picture” description that comes up, haha

so yes. that’s my being-a-facebook-creeper quota of the day week; complete. 

much love!


pet peeve #987234762349 

this is something i’ve heard a lot and it just annoys me to NO END. i realize that this is tradition and the way society works, but anyway, in south asian culture, when a couple gets married, the girl leaves her home with her parents to go live with the guyses parents. 

this is, of course, GIVEN that the guy lives with his parents at all (whatever the circumstances may be). but my point is that generally it is expected that the girl will go live with the guy and his parents. 

and that’s fine. traditionally that’s what happens and there are many pros for it because of several reasons that i fully understand and to some extent, very much agree with. however, on occasion when this discussion is happening, i have asked why it’s so important, i mean why can’t the couple move away or live with the parents for a while and then go do their own thing. and to this question i’ve almost always gotten this response (which is my pet peeve):

so if the guy is the only son of his parents, you’re going to make him move away from them?! you’re going to force his parents to live on their own in their burhapa (old age)?!

this is always said to me in an extremely incredulous voice - as if to suggest, how dare i even THINK of such a ludicrous thought. whatever will a guy’s parents do without him in their old age. 

and to that i have two things to say:

1. AM I NOT LEAVING MY PARENTS?! my parents only have daughters. who will help THEM in their old age time?! huh? if your point is valid, then why is not the opposite point valid? why shouldn’t the guy come live with the girl’s parents? 

2. and also WHAT special extra NEEDS has God given to those people who somehow managed to birth a SON instead of a daughter? please, i would love to be enlightened, as i’m sure they worked extra hard at getting a boy over a girl. [all sarcasm]

and that’s all. i’m done my rant. that is my pet peeve. under the context of tradition and societal way, i’ll accept that girls must go live with their husband’s families. but if i hear that question one more time….i think i might lose it. 

disclaimer: i know what i’m about to say and forever put on some sort of eternal record is petty and little and i should be above it just merely because i am a grown up. but fuck it. i’m not actually a grown up and this genuinely pisses me off. 

PET PEEVE #938372387

i know a person, who i don’t think has ONE ORIGINAL BONE IN THEIR BODY. THEY LEECH off of everyone and recently i think they’ve decided to leech off of me. now let me just say: i don’t have any grand disillusions about my ideas or my thoughts being some sort of high and mighty business. TRUST ME. and so it sounds even more dumb when i realize that this person has absolutely no reason to be leeching off me to get their ideas, BUT THERE IT IS. 

note: when i say “leech” i mean copy/imitate/NOT FLATTER

anyway, it is annoying the crap out of me because they copy and they copy and they copy and I WANT THEM TO STOP. and i know it’s probably just paranoia (which it isn’t, my brain is very vehemently stating at the moment), but it is ANNOYING THE CRAP OUT OF ME. 


okay i’m done. 

and yes i am a grown up, lady, adult person. 

shut up. 

a little while ago i did something bad. and i still feel guilty about it….but the thing is the result of me doing what i did was….i found out a little more about my dad. i know it’s a ludicrous (by the way, the first time i wrote “ludicrous” i spelled it as “ludacris”….WTF IS HAPPENING TO ME!) thought, but when you really think about it, how much do you really know your parents’ past?! i mean, you know everything that’s been going on with them (and i guess there are many cases where that’s not even true!) since you’ve been in their lives, but how much do you know about the person that they used to be BEFORE their lived started revolving around you (or so i’d like to think :p).

and it was soo coool to see the way my dad used to be before he got married and before he had children. note: i won’t divulge the actual thing that i did, because….well i’m just too guilty about it. it’s like i found out about a separate person altogether and then i put that guy and the person i know together and i’m finally more able to see the whole of who my dad is and was. 

which i think is pretty cool. and….yeah. that’s all i had to say! 

much love,


i think the biggest lesson i’ll learn this year…like really learn and commit to my lifestyle is: beggars can’t be choosers. 

if they try, they end up with even less than what they could have had. 

and in order for this realization to take effect…well the only thing you can do is give yourself a reality check. deflate your big head, a little. and when i say ‘your’ i definitely mean, my own. 

maybe i won’t get what i always thought i’d get. and that’s just a lesson in life, really, when you think about it. you never get what you want. you get what’s best for you at the time. and when God decides what’s in your store….then i mean, you can’t really argue. 

anyway, that’s all for tonight!


it’s september. how’d that happen. for reals?

in a couple days, i’ll be going into my last year (INSHALLAH) of university! just finishing up my last requirements, and can i just say…i’m SHIT SCARED.

all of the courses i’m taking are 400-level fourth year math courses! i’m so so so scared! i feel like right at the last moment, something will go wrong.

one of my friends (very accurately) calls me “debbie downer” or “negative nancy”, and that’s what i am. but i don’t know why i just always have some sort of bad feeling when it comes to things that i’m trying to do. it’s actually a PAIN to be such an extreme pessimist. and i know it’s not right either. my dad always says we shouldn’t jump so far ahead of ourselves right at the first step - good or bad! 

but i do. i just can’t help myself. ah well…i think that’s all i had to ramble on for tonight. my mom has just told me to head to bed, so that is what i shall do now!

goodnight all,

much love


so my best friend’s wedding is over. this was my speech on her shaadi.

Hi! My name is Komal and I’ve been hired by Saima to make a speech at her wedding. So everyone better laugh at the appropriate times, for me to get paid!

For as long as I’ve known her, Saima’s been sort of a Bollywood queen…you could say she’s Bollywood Royalty. So I’ve tried to make incorporate a little bit of that in my speech. Warning: Due to severe cheesiness in Bollywood, there may be severely cheesy parts of my speech!

I’ve known Saima for about a decade now so basically….we are family! I’ve been looking forward to her wedding like I would to my own sister’s! Everyone I know within Ontario, outside Ontario, internationally, and overseas knows that mere yaar ki shaadi hai! But it wasn’t always that way. I didn’t always look forward to the day I would find out that my very best friend was getting married. I thought the day that happened would be the day that our friendship would have ek villain wedged in between it!

But when Saima met Nadeem and she described him to me….well I could never feel so badly about someone if my best friend was so happy with them! I understood at that moment from Saima that when you meet the right person for you, waqai kuch kuch hota hai! And although I am ELATED for her, my happiness is almost split into 2 states. There’s a part of me that also feels sad! Chalo, as Karan Johar says, in life kabhi khushi kabhi gham to hota hi hai. Now that Saima’s getting married, I feel like I’ll be losing a little bit of my friend forever. Dil chahta hai ke somehow, I could go back and relive all the times we had together so that I can solidify them in my memory.

But that’s not possible. Instead I’m going to soak in every last minute tonight and on Sunday as these dilwale dulhania lay jayenge. So at your wedding today, I just want to take this opportunity to say congratulations! And I want to wish you both a happily married life. May this new chapter in your life take you to all the places you want to go and may it give me and your family and everyone else an abundance of little nieces and nephews. And….I guess that’s all I have to say! Congratulations guys! 

" I’m not beautiful. I have a dirty soul. No matter how many times I cleanse myself. I still can feel the dirt of my sins. Ya Rabb, forgive me for what have I done. "

- Allaahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibb al-‘afwa fa’affu ‘anni - Oh Allaah, You are forgiving and You love forgiveness, so forgive me   (via laanat)

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where am I supposed to go? who am I supposed to talk to about this? sometimes in life there are moments where you feel so alone.

and it’s not like I don’t know that there are many doors open for me to walk through….but honestly maybe it’s just easier to go through this alone and without involving anyone.

no one cares and no one is listening.

or else I’m just becoming a cynic.


10 Mesmerizing Buildings of Lahore.

Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and the second largest and metropolitan city in the country. It is the largest native Punjabi-populated city in the world and an important historical centre of South Asia. With a rich history dating back over a millennium, Lahore is a main cultural centre of Punjab and Pakistan. Below is the list of 10 mesmerizing buildings of Lahore.

Lahore Fort.
Lahore Museum.
Badshahi Mosque.
Government College.
Wazir Khan Mosque.
Jinnah Library.
Cricket Club Bagh-e-Jinnah.
Railway Station.
Minar-e- Pakistan.
National Collage of Arts.

Next time I go to Pakistan, I would like to visit all of these places.

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